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Old Computers

Every once in a while I see some surfer using Netscape 3.0 surf into my website, and immediately come back using some more-modern Windoze IE variant.

This is really facisnating to me. Are these people using really really old Macs to surf in (since I do Mac software development and services)? If so why on earth are they using such an ancient computer? They dump PeeCees every few years and get relatively modern OSes on the ones they keep (typ. Win2k or even XP if they dare).

And yet the poor little MAC (as they call it, I didn't know it was an acronym) has the original System 7.5.3 and 32 meg. of RAM it came with. Some poor sap is supposed to use this ancient contraption for day-to-day work? I wonder if all the JavaScript in my pages crashes Netscape 3.0 (which would have worked fine if they had bothered to actually BUGFIX the fucking thing on the Mac platform), or if they can even see anything since I heavily rely on CSS now to get my page to look decent.

It really just floors me that people refuse to even touch a Mac computer, as if they will somehow become "corrupted" or dirty. So it languishes and gets ridiculed for being slow or simplistic or just plain crap - conveniently ignoring it had NEVER been upgraded or maintained so of course it is in such a state.

Why fret about this? Because it makes *me* look bad by extension. I am using an older computer and it is pretty much current with the world of tech these days. I have WiFI, the latest Java, 5 FireWire ports, USB, 100BaseT Ethernet and a CD-Burner. I may not have Serial ATA or USB 2.0, but I don't really need them. My graphics card is capable, but not state of the art. Of course that's why I got an XBOX for *less* money than what the friggin' video card cost with steep discounts!

I'd still love to have a new G5, but I don't know when (or if) I will ever upgrade. This setup works, even if its a bit slow at times (due in large part to this stupid hard disk I got in a nice bait-and-switch scam from a computer catalog "store").

In the end IT people are just plain Assholes for ignoring their users and their computers that happen to be Macs.