When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Not the same thing

Instapundit Glenn equated the pure hatred the Left has for Bush to the feelings the Right had towards Bill Clinton. I don't think it's the same thing. We disliked Clinton, and we strongly disliked how he handled the affairs of the Presidency almost from day one (Don't ask, Don't Tell).

What we really hated about Clinton is that he let many issues build up over time without actually dealing with them to completion. In 1993 the WTC was bombed by Al Queda. War was declared on the USA. Clinton rounded up the "criminals" and... filed lawsuits. Seeing our reaction Al Queda continued unabated. Eventually bombing two embassies in Africa and the USS Cole in port in Yemen.

By contrast George W. Bush had Al Queda on the run within months of Sept. 11, 2001. And for that the Left hates Bush. We actually used our military might to defend ourselves which in their world translates into killing women and children only.

Hating Bush for doing his job, which is to defend this country from foreign agression, is stupid. We didn't hate Clinton for doing his job. We severely disliked his non-performance almost across the board. He just didn't really do much of anything. Even the SEC was reigned in to allow the Dot-Com explosion and subsequent implosion.

Sure taxes flowed in like never before, but once the implosion happened all of the projected surpluses evaporated right before Bush took office (and was subsequently blamed for the flamed-out economy). Clinton did nothing and gets a pass while Bush get's blamed for everything.

Clinton said the same basic facts about Saddam Hussein as George W. Bush. One many did nothing, the other removed him from power. Bush is a man of principles who does what he says, even if Conservatives disagree with his ideas. Clinton pointed whichever direction had the highest poll numbers that day and ended up doing very little, even lying to the entire country on live TV (while the media gave him props for being so sneaky).

To say that the Right hated Clinton the same way as the Left hates Bush is just completely wrong and is being used as some kind of defense for the Left's increasingly unhinged anti-Bush behavior.