When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


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This is just sad:

About CodeForce Software
Hi Im Peter MacWhinnie The Owner Of CodeForce Software.
Im 12. Thats Right Im In The 7th Grade And Im Home Schooled
Right Now We Have 4 Members At CodeForce Software:
Peter MacWhinnie (Me) The Programer
Andrew Does The Art In All Of Are Apps
Liz Beck Is A Beta Tester For CodeForce
Marcel Vachon Is All So A Beta Tester.
Well Thats Us At CodeForce Software.
Are First Peace Of Software Is The Echo Web Browser.
I Made The Echo Web Browser Be Cuz Hate Safari
Well That All Thnx For Looking.

My 7 year old is writing better than this 12 year old (as far as capitalization and spelling goes). Poor kid. This just proves a spellchecker doesn't help you to accurately write any language, all the words (except Cuz or Thnx) are spelled correctly.

I am somewhat split on home schooling. It is very difficult to teach young children the skills they need to succeed in this modern world. This isn't the 19th century anymore people, you must read and write English properly and be able to do basic math (even with a calculator). The reason we created organized schools was not to indoctrinate children to become loyal citizens of the State, it's because it takes very specialized skills to teach kids at an early age to become useful members of society.

My 7 year old is already past this kid's writing skills and my daughter is going to enter the 2nd grade this fall.

Today the schools are being changed to indoctrinate certain ideologies into our kid's brains, however. My daughter had a "guidance" class once a week, she learned not to do drugs and not to smoke. She told her friend that her mother would die because her mother smokes cigarettes. On the one hand that's kinda young to start with the Just Say No stuff, on the other I'd rather her grow up beliving drugs are bad so that hopefully she won't ever get into that mess. I never did, my wife didn't. It is possible to grow up without getting into drugs. We don't smoke or even drink coffee.

If you are going to home school, buy the books appropriate for the child's age and follow them explicitly. Don't skip ahead or "dumb down" the lessons. Or just send 'em to school and let the trained teachers handle it, but also verify that your kids are learning. Sending kids to school does not absolve you of parental responsibilities to educate your child.

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