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More more more Kingdom of Loathing tips

Okay fine. Here's some more tips since you keep coming back. That and my item description web site shut down today so there's now fewer places to get this info.

To make a "meat car":

Go to the Degrassi Knoll and collect the toolboxes. Use the toolbox to reveal its contents. To make a meat car you need the following:

You need a sprocket, a spring, an empty meat tank, tires, rims and a cog. You also need a meat stack and meat paste (duh).

Combine the meat stack and empty meat tank. You get a full meat tank.

Combine the sprocket and spring. Combine the sprocket assembly with the cog. Combine that assembly with the full meat tank. You get a meat engine.

Now for the wheels...

You need to go to the Hermitage to get the "sweet rims" if you don't have them: Go to the Town, go to the Marketplace and get a gum-on-a-string. Use it at the Sewer to (hopefully) get a useless/worthless trinket if you don't already have one.

Get a Hermit pass from the Store. Go to the Mountains and visit the Hermit. Get the rims there. NOTE: the small wooden figure can be useful for making a golem (like a robot), come back and it get it at some point too.

Combine the wheels and rims to get "dope wheels."

Combine the meat engine and dope wheels to get the meat car. You can now go to the Shore and take a vacation for 3 adventures and with min. 500 meat in your inventory.

NOTE: you can break down the meat car if you find the screwdriver (Degrassi Knoll I believe) and go to the Untinker's cottage. This gives you the meat engine to use for other things (auto-plunger).

Meat Golem:

You need a dried face, fairy gravy, wooden figure, can magicalness and I believe meat stack. You combine the dried face with the fairy gravy, that with the wooden figure, that with the meat stack, that with the can of magicalness. I think... I read this once and may have missed a step.

Place the golem at your campsite as a defense.