When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Kingdom of Thieves

I swear I went to the hermitage and got a 10-leaf clover. And yet it doesn't show up in my inventory. WTF? Lying bastards!

I don't even really know what I would have done with the 10-leaf clover (maybe pawn it or trade it for some lihc eye pie), but that's not the point. I had it, and it went away without warning.

Stupid thing.

And today all of a sudden I got a TON of "good" stuff. I must have hit some kind of lucky streak. I would have bought a Powerball ticket if I were not barred from receiving large sums of cash for another month or so by our lawyer (long story).

Oh, and I got the strange leaflet and did all that stuff, big whoop. Like anyone would really have "gotten" how that worked without using cheats. And I am old enough to remember ZORK and other text-based games (which had insanely elaborate packaging which belied their plain-text gameplay, the bastards).

I'm just gonna go back to my XBOX and HALO until it pisses me off, again.