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Kingdom of Loathing Tips

Heres some stuff I gleaned from playing Kingdom of Loathing:

If you get a locked Orcish meat locker, get the rusty L-shaped piece of metal and the crusty L-shaped piece of metal. Combine them (with one Meat Paste). This makes a t-bone shaped key that unlocks the meat locker giving you a meat stack and empty meat locker. Place the empty meat locker at your campsite.

If you get a bar skin and the wooden stakes combine them to make a barskin tent, place it at your campsite.

You can make a spooky Scarecrow:

Combine spooky stick and spooky Shrunken Head to make a Spooky Staff (weapon, power 30)
Combine spooky staff with wooden stakes to make a spooky Scarecrow.

Place it at your campsite.

To grow a Familiar get the terrarium from the Marketplace and place it at your campsite. Use the baby familiar (I have a bunch of mosquito larva). Go to the campsite and click on the terrarium link and get your Familiar - you can rename it if you want.

If you get a bunch of spider-webs you can combine two of them to get a really sticky spider-web, and then combine two of those to make a really really sticky spider web. Allegedly you can combine a basic meat sword and a really really stick spider-web, but it didn't work for me.

Lastly: if you have something with "cheese" in its name, and you combine it with "anti-cheese" you end up with whatever it was, minus the "cheese" part (cottage cheese, goat cheese, figure it out).

If anyone wants to trade items my name is Nitride in the game (and I haven't smashed the Hippy Stone, yet).