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House of 1,000 Corpses

I now know why it took so long to get House of 1,000 Corpses into theaters, it is a terrible movie.

About the only interesting part is the commercial at the beginning with Captain Spaulding saying "Do you like blood?" only he says "Do you like blud?" in a non-specific drawl that makes me laugh each time I hear it.

Other than that the movie is entirely derivative of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (any of em) so much so that I could have someone switch the former movie in in place of House and I would be hard pressed to notice the difference.

The gore is over the top, the violence is over the top, the acting is over the top (especially director Rob Zombie's wife, Shari Moon, playing the overly cheery "Baby" character).

There was also a lot of rather abrupt editing throughout the movie done deliberately or due simply to the lack of movie making experience of Rob Zombie, who wrote and directed the movie. The effect was more frustrating than suspenseful or thrilling, if intentional. Otherwise it was just, odd.

There really wasn't much of an ending either, which again was very much like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. We saw some dungeon/cave scenes, with virtually no dialog, and we saw the last "main" character running around and finally getting outside only to be picked up by the psychos all over again while walking down a lonely, dusty road (just like Chainsaw Massacre, ugh).

Thankfully it didn't cost anything to watch this movie, otherwise I'd ask for at least a partial refund.