When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Free Agent

Looks like Rush Limbaugh will be a free agent sometime soon.

I find it interesting that fully half of the AP article on the pending divorce of Rush Limbaugh is spent lashing back at Rush Limbaugh for his defending of hisself against illegal medical records seizures and blatant attempts by the (staunch Liberal) DA to smear Limbaugh with overzealous prosecution and allegedly dreamt-up charges against a very outspoken Conservative commentator.

You know if this were about a big Liberal celebrity the AP would be wholly sympthetic and the DA would try and bury the evidence to let the poor Lefty skate away free and clear.

I wonder if Rush bought his "$24 million" home before he was married, in Florida you can't lose assets in divorce that were held by the spouse before marriage.

Now you know why a lot of famous/rich people make their home in Florida, that and the lack of State income taxes (I believe, could be wrong).