When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Even Funnier!

Okay to balance the post below, the best thing to see on site trackers are all the people coming here looking for Kingdom of Loathing (web-based text-ish adventure game) tips from all manner of business/corporate domains.

Why bother working at work when you can play a rather infuriating turn-based adventure game on the Internet!

Is it wrong to be working from home and playing games to? There's an XBOX right next to my computer desk, begging me to finish that stupid HALO game. I need some new games that are NOT FSP "twitch" games, I just want to drive/fly around blowing shit up not try to solve puzzles and set up sniping positions and shit.

I'm gonna rent some games from Blockbuster and figure out which ones don't suck and then go buy em. Maybe something with a Star Wars theme. I need SOMETHING else damnit, I'm by myself pretty much all day and most of the evening anymore. And since I'm not allowed to look at porn or talk to people in AIM I gotta do SOMETHING other than "work" or I will go crazy.

It's for my mental health, don't you see?