When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."



I disagree with this guy on the need for higher gas prices.

His world view is typical of the "do-gooder" Liberals. They see only themselves as at the mercy of high gas prices. They know nothing of the engines of commerce that make their cushy life possible.

Would this guy be willing to pay more for fresh produce that is trucked in or brought in on trains that also run on petroleum-based fuels? What about higher costs in a restaurant that uses fresh foods, or natural gas to cook with?

Would this guy be willing to pay more for household products that used natural gas/crude oil as a raw material? What about electricity produced from natural gas? BTW we get most of our natural gas from Canada, not OPEC-nations. Have we ever invaded Canada? Do we really need to so that we have cheap natural gas feedstock for producing various polymers resins or electricity generation?

Somehow I don't think paying tens of dollars more per week for non-gasoline products would be easy to take. And of course this is a dig at those gas gusling SUVs. The eeeevil bastards!

And why should public transportation be subsidized with higher oil prices? Public transporation is largely a failure because it is severely limited in capacity and route. Busses don't go everywhere or run on any reasonable schedule (due to poor planning or too few vehicles, traffic jams, breakdowns). Trains are limited to their routes, and frankly many people would object to elevated train trails snaking throughout a city.

Why not let happen what is already happening? The advancement of non-fossil fuel-based engines; either fuel cell or hydrogen-powered engines? We are just a few years away from commercializing these technologies behind the scenes, with funding coming from - get this - the big Automakers!

What people like this guy really want is for the Peons to be completely dependent on public services just to go to the store (where they no doubt use their Smart Chip US Food Card to "purchase" Government-approved Healthy Foods). Individuals don't need a vehicle, after all the Elites get around major cities just fine using cabs and trains for reasonable prices.


Except the other 99% of the country has to actually TRAVEL to different parts of town, the state or even the country to do our work or merely live our lives (go to the Doctor, school runs, store, going to home depot). Try taking home 3 5 gallon buckets of paint to repaint your house on a subway or a mico-machine sized solar-powered toy car. Oh wait, we won't have houses that need repainting, we will have government-assigned domicile units that are allocated according to social status in community "pods."