When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Current Events are Fun!

Let's see, current events. North Korea wants to test a nuke. I am guessing the test sites are located somewhere in Japan, or perhaps South Korea. Go ahead and try it, we have a lot of nuke weapons that have been creeping up in years. Maybe we should test a few of them to see if they still work or not, in say, North Korea?

Dick Cheney said the "F" word in the Senate. Good. We need more fucking people unafraid to use goddamn foul language in the world. They are all grown ups there, who fucking cares? Are the Democrats suddenly unaware of the foul language their poster boy John F'ing Heinz uses on the campaign trail? Cheney may be out as Veep next time so he might as well stand up one last time, turn towards the Human Blimp Ted Kennedy and say in that sleep-inducing utterly flat tone of his: "Fuck you all."

Hah! I'd watch CSPAN-1/2/3.14592 long enough just to see that!

Kerry, Gore, Dean can all verbally implode and everyone hides it, but if a Republican says "Fuck" or wants to get a little sumpin' sumpin' goin' with his fabulously hot wife we're in the final days of the Roman Empire! I personally thing Jeri Ryan is trying to dash her husband's political career as some sort of revenge in their divorce.

Woman are just plain evil! Doesn't anyone else realize this may be a case of eeeeevil Woman-revenge (even if he did like to get freaky, isn't it okay now - oh wait he's not BIll Clinton who stuffed that turkey named Monica "because he could")?

I swear I don't know whether to cry or pull my hair out while reading the news anymore.