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Bruce Almighty redux

Has anyone else noticed that in Bruce Almighty there is virtually no religious iconography or symbolism anywhere in the movie except for a few very narrowly-tailored scenes?

The two places there is any religious symbolism is the much-derided "parting of the red soup" scene which is a Christian element. And at the party for Bruce, he casually leans on a golden calf, another Christian Bible element that most people probably overlooked. The golden calf element was also played up to great satirical prowess by Kevin Smith in Dogma with "Mooby."

In a movie entirely based around a man becoming God, there is virtually no religious elements anywhere in the movie. No one has a Bible, there are no priests or nuns or even rabbis, no crucifixes or Virgin Mary iconography. They did manage to integrate Yahweh! and "You've got prayers" in place of Yahoo! and "You've got mail!" which was rather clever (for Hollywood).

Amazing. Only Hollywood could manage to make a movie about God that is completely reglion-free.

Update: There is actually a third Biblical reference. Just before the golden calf scene Bruce is pouring water into glass and it becomes wine. My bad. Of course without any theological context these scenes largely go unnoticed (even by me, as with the water-into-wine scene).