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AdSense, or is it AdNonSense?

I am using AdSense, and according to the terms I blindly accepted (slightly kidding) you can't disclose any financial details.

To be honest, I wouldn't anyway as it's been largely disappointing.

Perhaps my disappointment comes from the very clever Google ad serving setup. I have a variety of "ads" on my "business" web sit. Very rarely were any of the ads displayed relevant to the content on my web site, in direct contradiction to what I see on many other similarly themed websites which all have very relevant ads that would appeal to my target audience.

So a very select few advertisers somewhere was getting a lot of eyeballs on *my* web site for no proportionately additional cost paid to *me*. Now after just about two months of using AdSense the ads are starting to diversify and become slightly more relevant to the content of my website. Interesting.

Of course ads are still not as relevant as they could or should be for my very specific target audience, which may speak more to high barrier to entry for a lot of small-time software/hardware developers to purchase ad words on Google. I honestly don't know.

I do know that unless the ads become more relevant, there is no point in me providing essentially free advertising on *my* paid website and *my* (potential) customers for nothing in return - especially considering clicking on an ad most likely takes the user completely off my website to never return. Just imagine if a TV commercial changed the channel or led to a completely different program!

I'd have better luck using Amazon sponsor links.

I give up.

(Note I am not disclosing any technical/behind the scenes details on Google AdSense, anyone repeatedly visiting my web site would notice the same trends I have)