When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Still No Joy

Okay it appears the temp in the LA area is above 97 "record" highs in May. Even with the higher temps, they are not higher than the record highs for April or June.

If the temp was 108 or something, yeah that would be bad. What we actually see is a new-normal based on the massive size of the city (all that concrete, glass absorbing and reflecting heat) and the smog and the increased solar activity we have had in the past few years (the Sun is providing the heat energy, why is no one questioning whether or not the Sun is making things hotter?).

Update: The whole point is that it is not getting hotter overall, consistently month to month. It is actually getting hotter at the extreme ends on specific dates. Again no one questions where this extra energy is really coming from (the Sun) or why it is not being consistently maintained. It is simply anecdotal science i.e. "this is the hottest its ever been!"

Increases in CO2 does not happen independently of any other effect. It turns out the biomass is increasing with all of the available CO2 that plants breathe in. Nature compensates for changes in the environment, eventually.