When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Paul Harvey Is a Kook

Paul Harvey repeatedly spouts off Leftist propaganda on the radio unchallenged, or perhaps merely ignored as the old kook he has turned into.

Today he used various "scare words" in his daily rant, phrases such as "in bed with the enemy" and "war without war" and made a disingenious comment calling the high temp of 97 degrees in Los Angeles the hottest temp "ever."

Uhm, no, it's not the hottest temp ever in LA. April has had a high that was 7 degrees hotter than May historically. June also had higher temps historically than May. So to say 97 is the hottest temp ever, ever is flat out wrong. But not that anyone else would know this, merely assuming his presence on the radio makes him an authority on everything.

I have also heard Paul Harvey previously whining about the loss of farmland in my home state of Arizona. First of all modern farming techniques reduce the amount of land required to produce a given amount of product. Second of all demand for agricultural products and the agricultural lifestlye has been consistently declining as people move to urban population centers (over the last century) and modern manufacturing increasingly creates products that were once "grown."

This kind of thinking also ignores the trend that the natural lands and forests are actually larger and healthier than at any time since this country's founding due to overzealous fire supression and pollution controls. Wildfires used to burn from the Mississippi to the Rockies unchecked. Today if there is any kind of fire its instantly put out to try and preserve people's property. Only rarely does a fire rage out of control destroying everything, and when it does it is due largely to the overgrown underbrush that smaller fires would normally clear out.

Fire is actually required for many types of tree's seeds to germinate and to allow other species of plants to flourish as they not only have room to grow but "fixed" nitrogen is added to the soil from the burnt/dead plants, a component necessary for plants to grow. Bush's healthy forrest initiative acknowledged this recent mindset change regarding forest management, and was instantly denounced for it by the likes of the Sierra Club and other far-left Greenies. I guess environmentalists would rather people lose everything, perhaps even their life, in an out of control wildfire than use controlled burns that make the forest healthier?

Goddamn crazy Liberals.