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Online Job Search a Waste of Time?

Applications/Resumes submitted electronically: 100's
Interview(s) achieved via initial internet contact only: 2
Jobs* achieved via internet search, application, interview: 0 (Zero)
Time spent: Many, many months

Applications/Resumes submitted in person, via fax: ~Dozen
Interviews(s) achieved via walk-in, job fair: < 5
Jobs achieved via submitting application/resume in person/via fax: 1
Time spent: Many days

Jobs achieved via walking in to an office after seeing a newspaper add: 3
Time spent: 6 hours inclusive

I think Monster.com and web-based job posting is full of shit. No one responds, no one reads their emails, no one processes resumes.

I just recently submitted a resume electronically, showed up in person a day or two later and HR had no clue who I was. Fucking idiots. Brilliant!

*A Job being defined as a 40-hour/week employment, not a one-time contracted/flat-fee activity.