When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Mock Post about Mock Outrage

On Primetime Live tonight, there is "mock" outrage over the eeeeevil adult entertainment industry.

Cleverly the producers of the story tonight slant things against the eeeeevil Corporate America, a blanket group that is intended to disparage all of those eeeeevil faceless organizations who only exist to make money! Like say, National Broadcasting Company, Inc.

See, using blanket labels is a tactic by the Left to scare "ordinary Americans" into thinking all corporations are eeeevil, despite half the jobs in this country being provided by corporations of some sort.

And yet when the cause is favored by the Left we are told that we cannot group people into blanket label-groups because we must understand the individual. For example we are told that we must not hate all Muslims, despite a large number of them attempting to kill us all and wipe out or civilization. This dead-ender belief system is not shared by all Muslims thus we are scolded by the left, while they claim all of corporate America is somehow responsible for porn.

Oh and the performers in porn are shockingly as young as 18. Eighteen! Why they are just babies, who can vote, buy cigarettes, buy lotto tickets, enter into contracts and binding legal agreements, get married, buy real estate...

And get this they don't have benefits or (the horror!) HEALTH COVERAGE! The OUTRAGE!

Somehow people who voluntarily enter the porn industry accepting that 1) they will have sex with lots of people in various ways and 2) are not going to get benefit or HEALTH COVERAGE(!) doesn't bring me to denounce this whole country and want to vote for a Democrat this November to fix things!

And it won't make me hate the faceless CORPORATE AMERICA that is trying to destroy our children who voluntarily enter the adult entertainment industry thinking, falsely, that they will become famous and rich due to the constant barrage of distorted morals from the likes of Madonna, Britney Spears, drug-aggled celebrities getting second, third, fourth chances that the same media, currently wagging its finger at me here, previously conveyed was acceptable!!