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Korth Korea Train "Accident"?

I have been thinking about that North Korea massive train accident (explosion).

News coming from the Pacific Rim points to a missile shipment on the train accompanied by numerous Syrians (what terrorist link?) that were all obliterated in a massive explosion.

Some people assume their was rocket fuel on the train. Fine, but there would be obvious tanker trucks and there would have been more flame/fire damage than I saw in overhead photos. I have seen liquid fuel explosions on a train and they are massive fireballs not so much concussive blasts.

A concussive blast is more likely with a high-explosive not a low-explosive like some type of fuel (on its own, not like a fertilizer-fuel bomb).

It is starting to appear as though the train was targeted by a precision munition, unfortunately at a station. The type of explosion is simply too massive to be a ground-level bomb or (based on explosion damage photos) a "rocket" fuel explosion. It's possible, but it doesn't appear likely. Of course the photos I saw were low-res and had terrible contrast.

A single munition dropped from very high altitude would come in very fast, any witnesses would have to be looking up for several seconds and not be killed by the resulting massive explosion.

A single very powerful munition would be needed to take out all of the train cars containing the "missile" components and the people (Syrians) accompanying the shipment. Several cars worth of stuff in back, plus a car or two forward would need to be taken out.

A single munition from a single plane would be harder to track, harder to defend against. We have stealth bombers that can literally fly around the world. Does North Korea have any tech that can detect them? Would we need overflight clearance for a high-altitude stealth aircraft? Was China involved (the explosion occurred near the Chinese border)?

Remember the very subdued reaction from the White House? What was the cause of this? Israel fights against a bunch of terrorists hiding in crowds of civilians (reported only as a crowd of civilians in the media) and Colin Powell comes out and decries it, the White House officially calls for restraint, etc. etc.

A massive explosion in North Korea and we do, almost nothing.

I bet there was a phone call, or even a message from Rice the morning of the explosion along the lines of "package delivered, Mr. President." or some such thing.

Why not?