When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


It's because of the Pewwwwwws!

Okay now here comes the discrediting of the Pew survey finding most newsrooms are Liberal-dominated.

According to Editor and Publisher the public views the media as being more conservative than liberal. I can explain this disconnect. The public views anyone who is not calling for Bush to be dragged from the White house as "conservative" or at least "favoring the Bush administration."

These kinds of people cannot understand why no one else realizes there never were WMDs in Iraq, despite the insurgents finding and using them unknowingly in recent weeks. The shells were of a design that Saddam did not have prior to 1991, and yet they appear to be several years old and unmarked - how do they reconcile this conundrum?

Now the media is requiring stockpiles of WMDs be found, after evidence of their existence has surfaced. Do they get tired constantly moving the goal posts? Does the media constantly have meetings discussing how they can further discredit Bush time after time when he is vindicated by the facts?

So the survey that shows no Liberal bias is touted as being "real" because it is based on the perception of the media, not what it really is. Which in some ways is even worse since these people are going to be voting and teach children with the same kind of warped personal beliefs.

I am very close to giving up on humanity at this point, anyone wanna take a bet on which species will rise up to replace us?