When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


I don't get it?

The iTunes Music Store is a smashing success (more firmly planting the iPod as the top music device after coming far from behind).

But some people are not happy that they are forced to keep their iTunes-purchased music on only 5 computers (up from 3 for exactly one year). And you can't do anything you want with the files, such as convert them to un-protected MP3 or use them in software or whatever.

Some crafty guy made a program called PlayFair (Apple's DRM in iTunes (QuickTime) is called FairPlay, how clever). It was quickly taken down and is now reborn as Hymn (Hear Your Music aNywhere).

Apparently the motivation behind this anti-DRM is to let people use music they purchased, digitally, quite cheaply any way they want.

First I am not sure how Hymn is pronounced. Is it hy-man (*snicker*) or him? I leave that as an exercise for the reader.


People want to use music they purchased in more ways then they agreed to when installing iTunes. Renegotiating is fine, as long as it's a part of the contract or the laws of the land. Apple obviously sweated a lot of details to open up legal music downloads and largely has the market sewn up.

But of course people who are just plain cheap want to do MORE with the files they legally own with restrictions they knowingly agreed to.

Why don't these people buy a physical CD with no copy protection (on most) and rip the "pristine" files any way they want? You can make backups, thats allowed under "fair use" clauses in (recent) copyright law. You just cant circumvent copy-protection or encryption that protects rights-holders.

I guess when a physical CD that you have to go and get costs 20% more than an iTunes CD and you can get a la carte songs for only $1 the cheapskates now demand MORE rights to do with the files as they see fit than they agreed to to buy them.

I really wish I could do this kind of thing with our car loan - I mean paying nearly $200 for a tiny little four-door car that is underpowered and is constantly breaking down is crazy, I want to pay LESS for it! And that interest rate is way too high compared to the current prime, I want that lowered too. And lengthen the term!

This whole mess pretty much proves that the music-listeners want a totally free, pristine high-quality product and will do ANYTHING to get it. That kind of business model simply doesn't work, okay? If you don't think something has such low value then why do you want it so bad?

I am going to have to close down my software business web site *again* because while people want my stuff, they don't want to pay ANYTHING for it. I can't pay a damn $20 web host bill because no one has bought enough product this month! (And I have to pay nearly $2/gallon for gas in a shitty car that needs a new gasket somewhere because its bleeding oil - how ironic)

At some point the whole music, movie and software industries will fragment; the mega-corporates will thrive because some people really NEED their product and are willing to actually pay while the teeming masses will get shut out because they WONT pay a dime.

So we will end up with extremes, totally free software that has minimal support if any and massive mega-dollar corporate software that you have to be employed by a Fortune 500 company to use.

Are you people happy now? You produced the exact OPPOSITE effect you free-everything people wanted!