When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Countering Arguments from the Left

Heres a few quick responses to pointed jabs from the Left on various topics:

War is bad because people may die.

Lefties: "How many poets, artists, scientists who would find cures for diseases, leaders has war killed over the last century for any reason?"

Your reply: "How many poets, artists, scientists who would find cures for diseases, leaders has abortion killed, because the mother couldn't be inconvenienced by being pregnant for a few months?"

"Soldiers, free-thinking adults, voluntarily served in large numbers in most recent wars. Our military today is entirely voluntary including the National Guard and reserves. No one asks each aborted fetus if it would like to live or not, the rights of the fetus to life are superseded by the mother's right (not expressed in the Constitution) to have an abortion on-demand."

More people have died because of abortion, before they could assert their human rights, than have died in wars in the name of the USA."

The USA isn't worth fighting for, nothing was ever solved by war in the name of the USA.

Lefties: "War in the name of the USA has destroyed numerous countries, wiped out civilizations, damaged cultures, prevented alternate governmental systems from succeeding."

Your reply: "War stopped slavery in this country, stoped Nazi takeover of Europe and Africa (twice), imperial expansion by Japan into the Pacific towards the USA, liberated countries that were invaded by their non-democratic neighbors all over the world."

"Democracies do not attack each other."

"No populace has ever voluntarily accepted communist/totalitarian rule in history. In all cases communism was forced on the people."

The War on Terror is about Oil. We get most of our oil from Saudi Arabia.

Lefties: "George W. Bush is in league with the Saudis and is conspiring to raise gas prices."

Your reply: "Our number one source of crude oil is Canada, second is Mexico, third is Saudi Arabia. Our number one supplier of Natural Gas imports is Canada. We are not at war with Canada or Saudi Arabia or Mexico. Osama Bin Laden is a Saudi exile forced from his homeland because of his radical beliefs and war against the west."

"We have not built any new refining capacity in many years yet demand has steadily increased and today different parts of the country require special blends of fuel. Special blends of fuel reduce the overall capacity of production, as smaller amounts of fuel are made in fewer refineries. Demand increases at the beginning of Summer combined with constricted supplies causing prices to rise every year."

"Bush wanted to open up domestic sources of oil in areas that are not populated or even very hospitable. Our technology has advanced significantly as is safer and more efficient than ever before. Thousands of jobs, union jobs, would be created for many years. Democrats opposed the plan citing environmental concerns that remain unproven."

"Democrats now decry high gas prices hitting the "little guy" the hardest and yet refused to help the "little guy" get better paying union jobs or reduce gas prices while increasing supply and decreasing our reliance on foreign sources of crude oil."

"Nuclear power is safe and clean, yet no new nuclear power plants have been built in over two decades. France (darling of the Left) gets 80% of its power from Nuclear Power plants, why can't we?"