When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Censor my blog, please!

Looks like someone at CyberPatrol "checked out" my web site. They sell software to filter out all the content you don't want your kid to have access to, like conservative blogs and Rush Limbaugh.

Please block this site from young impressionable minds! They cannot handle the truth, that life progressively sucks more and more as you get older and older.

Most of you will not go to college, most of you will end up in jobs you absolutely hate and have nothing at all to do with your natural skill set (good at drawing? get ready to drive a forklift for $9/hour for the next 10 years!).

Stay in school kids, take every class you can. Throw out all those credit card offers except one or two that do NOT require you to send them money first and have a single-digit interest rate for at least 6 months and do not go over 20% after that. Pay more than the minimum every month and then pay it OFF as quick as possible.

Don't change jobs very often, at least 6 month or better a year per job is a good rule of thumb. Try going through a temp agency to find a job you like, it sucks for employers to use one-day temp job skippers (been there, done that) but it works out for you since you are not tied down to one crappy employer. Pay your taxes or at least file right after you get your W2s, don't wait till the last minute especially if you have to pay. Make up the tax owed with some overtime one weekend or two and forget about it for another year.

And the last thing DON'T GET MARRIED until you are at least older than 25 for males or 23 for women. And then don't get pregnant for at least a year in case you find out you cannot be married to each other - its best for all to get an easy divorce without kids. And if you want to play the field use BIRTH CONTROL. She lies, oh she will lie like there's no tomorrow. So will he.

That's about it.