When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Ahhh, Celebrities

Gotta love celebrities standing up on soap boxes talking down to us peons, giving us such wisdom as Kate Hudson's quite on TRL (MtV):

"When you do a comedy (movie) you can't lie."

Err, uhm, okay... She's definitely her mother's daughter. I wonder if she dropped out of High School, like other celebrities who feel it is their duty to point out how stupid George W. Bush is (who has an MBA). Celebrities such as Jennifer Anniston or Martin Sheen.

I also love getting schooled about raising minimum wage from Ben Affleck, an actor who 1) has been an actor since he was a little kid and has no idea what it's really like to work for minimum wage to support himself let alone a family and 2) had never voted for anything, ever. I wonder if the guy who went to a southern state to get a weapon permit would support gun control legislation by his buddy Ted "I didn't kill that woman" Kennedy.

I love this quote by John F'in Kerry:

"I don't own an SUV, my family owns an SUV."