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28 Days Later Sucks Balls

The Euro-created "28 Days Later" un-zombie movie has got to be the worst crap I have seen in the genre for years.

First of all it isn't even a real "zombie" movie. The infected people are not un-dead, they are simply infected with some virus that turns them into mindless killers. OooOooh scary!

This is the movie's fatal flaw, because you can pretty much kill the infected by shooting any major organ or whacking off their limbs. Zombies, being undead, can be shot and they still come at you. Whack off a limb, the still come at you. The whole point is that they are not DEAD, they are undead.

Second (almost) the entire population of Britain was "evacuated" from the island so there are very few normal people left and a handful of infected people to scurry about. This is BORING. There is no real impetus to save humanity because humanity has skipped town.

More fatal flaws re the Infected (non-Zombies):

  • They die easily, guns and a lot of ammo takes care of the problem. I guess in Europe no one had guns so the populace all bailed, typical.
  • How does the main character manage to walk all through the city making all kinds of noise and not get spotted until walking into a church (yeah that was some kind of sub-text message) where three Infected are camped out?
  • The Infected don't seem to be cannibals, they merely kill. Zombies eat people, only people. Which is scarier?
  • Blood spatter can infect you, and in several scenes there is a lot of fighting with the Infected and yet no one gets infected - stick to the rules or don't have them to begin with
  • the Infected eventually starve to death or die off, in a real Zombie movie the dead would rise up which makes it much scarier
  • Why is the left so fascinated with non-White cultures - every Euro-trash movie has an interracial couple? Oh wait, White Race Guilt. Our race is putrid, vile, unworthy of being here. Then why don't they all commit suicide and get out of the way? Oh wait; White birth-rates are already dropping in Europe to levels below mere sustainability, they are systematically wiping themselves out - why? Is this their "Progressive" society?

This movie just plain sucks balls. Ugh. Euros can't even make a decent Zombie movie.