When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."



What was up with last night's Star Trek: Enterprise episode?

The editing was terrible! There were jumps in the action in several places as if they "lost" some footage that connected various scenes and decided so quickly jump around so no one would notice the gaps.

Add this to the absolutely sloppy local affiliate that runs their commercials over the show by several seconds, and has this annoying "jump" when they switch from their local feed to the network. Goddamn this state is full of morons!

Comcast cable does the same thing, its terrible. I really miss COX cable back in AZ, it was soooo nice. The Digital Cable box was sooooo much better and - get this - they don't put fucking ADS in the on-screen menus like Comcast does! I pay for a premium service and I have fucking ADS on half the on-screen menu! GODDAMN I HATE THIS STATE (and COMCAST)!