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Why I didn't like Star Trek: DS9

I figured I am not going to do this on the group-blog, and since I like seeing the Trekkies wandering in here when I post such stuff, here we go.

I didn't like Star Trek: DS9 (considered by many Trekkies to be the best series ever) for a variety of reasons including:

The main character was an underling from Star Fleet put in charge of a non-Federation space station. WTF? How incredibly limited was that decision? It became obvious after a while as the writers added a space ship, which was incredibly small and more "militaristic" looking than previously. Of course that made it look like they needed to cut corners on set design so they made each set piece extremely small. I guess a lot of money was going to Voyager and its massive set pieces? I wonder how many "turf wars" there were when those two series were on air, or even TNG which ran concurrently with DS9 for a season or two (I didn't pay that much attention, sorry).

The idea that a member of Starfleet in charge of a space station guarding the only stable wormhole was also a "spiritual" figure to a non-Federation population would never last in the real world. The external influences of such a situation would always be a factor in anything that the officer was doing. How could we trust him to make the decision that was best for the Federation and Starfleet, his government and employer? This conflict might make for good TV, but it was just silly to watch such conflict as it was completely unreasonable.

The Dominion war element was an interesting massive story arc, but really it was as if the writers decided to just throw every Star Trek aliens' name into a hat and pulled out a few to try and keep people interested in the show. Klingons and Romulans with the Federation against the Cardassians and Breen (highly advanced super warriors who until now never fought the Federation?) and the Dominion from through the wormhole. Actually this part was believable as a heavily Liberal government (the Federation) makes heavily unfavorable treaties with hostile species and sits back while powerful forces collect right in their back yard.

Why couldn't they blockade the wormhole right up front? It was the only entry point for the Dominion so why not place a ton of battle cruisers there to blast every ship coming through? Why not occupy the weakened (by years of conflict and war with the Federation, Klingons) Cardassians to prevent an alliance? Why not annex the Bajorin world?

Where was the massive fleet of military vessels like the Defiant? Why waste Galaxy-class ships in a few tough battles?
Eventually there was a mine field set up, borrowed from The Last Starfighter (The Frontier). Of course this was after the Dominion essentially set up shop in Cardassian space. This is why Liberals shouldn't write war-themed TV shows - they simply haven no clue how to do it right. And when they do it right (Saving Private Ryan), its to point out how awful and pointless war is and how we shouldn't do that icky stuff anymore and instead just negotiate with everyone.

If anything this show is a fictional case study as to why you don't let an organization as clueless and whimpy as the UN make strategic decisions with known-hostile forces. You don't negotiate with terrorists or terrorist states, why is that so hard to understand?