When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


What Biased Media?

In further proof that if it's not negative, it's not news, the BBC is getting ripped apart by another rag over positive coverage of Apple Computer, Inc.

You know, that little startup that has the #1 music player in the iPod, the #1 legal music download service (that turned a small profit last quarter) that just turned 1 year old yesterday, the company that inspired just about every modern desktop OS, the company that routinely recreates itself while on the verge of utter collapse defying all of the experts.

If it bleeds, it leads. And if it's positive it must somehow really be negative. No one has anything good to say about Apple or George W. Bush or the war on terror or America! No one! And don't you forget it!

BTW: the "positive" BBC article on Apple includes some errors. The iPod was Windows-compatible before iTunes and the Music Store were ported over, it was not a simultaneous event as implied in the article. The porting was not "forced" (a biased, antagonistic keyword) onto Apple either, it was an opportunity to widen their market and make more money, the music service earned a small profit last quarter. Plus Apple can control the user experience on Windows with its own iTunes software instead of relying on a third-party. Sometimes the bias is simple ignorance, and sometimes its just plain bias.