When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Tell me again how Windows is better than my Mac?

Maybe its the Eurotrash, or more likely it's the Windoze box the clueless Brits who can't get music files onto their iPod.

I assume Windows because I can pop in a CD, click import, wait for it to finish (I wonder how many people assume the music files will *instantly* rip and *magically* fly onto the iPod within 2 nanoseconds) and then plug my iPod into the dock. The iPod mounts, iTunes changes gears and the new files are copied over very quickly. Of course I do it on a Mac which has built-in FireWire.

iTunes on Windows requires Win2K or XP, something most new PeeCees would have anyway. Unless of course the neophyte owner of the PC was "afraid" of XP and tried to put Win98 on it because that it was they "know" - which means they "know how to fix it when it craps out on them, or more likely know who to ask for help when it suddenly stops booting."

A process that is supposed to be seamless, is on a Mac. I have used iTunes on XP and it worked okay. Of course that was on a fresh-ish install of XP on new hardware. An older XP install totally choked while tryin to install iTunes.

So now a support business is popping up to get people's CDs onto an iPod. Damn, I should get me some of that business (being in the heart of Country Music after all).