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Not Quite A Geek

I have been rethinking my career path lately, partly because so far my chosen field of computer service technician has resulted in zero (actually negative income) so far. I think it's the area we are in (lots of computers, not many stores/service shops however). Heading further East or back West seems to be the only alternative at this point.

I have also been rethinking my status as "Geek" for some time. I have many of the qualities and yet don't have the requisite line items on my Geek resume.

I do have a soldering iron and have used it without destroying electronics as a result. I have taken several computers apart, changed them or attempted to fix them and put them back together to working condition again. I bought a multibutton mouse years ago and have custom set it to my tastes (no defaults for me!). I own, and know how to use, a multimeter.

I have several books on technology figureheads (okay just Steve Jobs, but one is an audiobook on my iPod). But I have never read a book by William Gibson (father of cyberpunk culture). I do have more than 4 technical/programming books covering at least one programming and scripting language. But I have never read Tolkein before.

I am terrible at video games despite owning dozens of them and many systems including the original Intellivision, Intellivision II, Atari 2600 module for same, original Nintendo, original Playstation and now XBOX. I was okay at Quake II (over a modem w/crappy video card), but I never finished Deus Ex. I have at least two video game consoles right now that are not labeled Nintendo, although my XBOX doesn't have a mod chip (yet).

I'm not sure what category I fit into. And it's really getting annoying that I can't seem to find my "thing" that everyone else seems to have, in some aspect of their normal lives. I am everything and nothing, jack of all trades and master of none.

What the hell am I supposed to do?