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New (Working) IMAO Decoder app

Sorry for the delay, had to do the Dad thing, then the Lawyer thing and then the family dinner thing.

I found the problem with the IMAO Decoder, it was as simple as a single character. I have been very preoccupied the past few days with Grownup Stuff comin' at us left and right. Stay young forever kids, and pay all your bills and don't do anything that someone else might not appreciate - especially if they have lawyers too. Blah.

The working IMAO Decoder for Mac OS X is now available for download.

Download it from here.

Mad props to Stephen for patiently (and unknowingly) beta testing this for me. I verified that it is in fact working as it should. Neat!

*Should I put this on VersionTracker/MacUpdate for future updates? Anyone care? Hello?