When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Just a thought...

You know, atheism was a major element of Communism (actually Marxism). Atheism is also a bedrock tenement of modern Socialism/Liberalism. When you have no higher law or sense of morality it's a lot easier to do anything you want, provided you are not "hurting anyone" right?

And when you have no morals it's easy to shrug off Bill Clinton's ongoing sexual assault behavior, but at the same time call the spiritual/moral George W. Bush a "drunk" and "drug addict" because of things he did more than half his lifetime ago and since stopped completely.

So then it is easy to justify taking from those who have and giving it (without required effort or expenditure of resources) to those who have not. This is also a fundamental element of Communism, and today's Liberals i.e. endless unemployment benefits, affirmative action forcing potentially less-qualified minorities into jobs/schools at the expense of more-qualified not-as-minority groups such as asians or soon whites.

Moral absolutes of right and wrong just get in the way of "helping the people" after all. Helping them right into sub-servitude, they mean.