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iTunes Recommendation App is Crap

I tried out an iTunes song recommendation app and all I have to say is that this kind of service is total crap. Here are the results for me based on several hundred songs that were rated in my iTunes library:

I do not like any kind of music listed there. What planet is this service operating on? Bizzaro world? Sheesh.

Yeah I know my sampling may have been too small or whatever, but it looks like the system picked up on a few select songs that other people also had and then picked related songs off of that. I don't see any styles that I really would like. Moby? No body listens to Moby anymore and I never ever did to begin with. Cyndi Lauper, Seal, Madonna(!!) (listed on second page and more of results)? Goddamn I would NEVER deliberately own that shit.

Based on what was returned I can see that the service picked up a on a few techno-ish tracks, and little heavy metal and some weird combination of country/crossover artists. My musical tastes are somewhat ecclectic but I have very narrow defined preferences in specific genres such as the techno, heavy metal and even some pop-ish music. The service would have done better to merely list other artists based on the largest concentrations of genre's that I have.

What a bunch of crap.