When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


I voted against Al Gore Today

I did my proxy vote thingie for the Apple Computer, Inc. shares that I own today. I voted for all board members except Al Gore, fucker. He has no business being on that board because he has no business experience at all, especially not anything related to a multi-billion dollar international computer hardware and software OEM like Apple.

Fuck him and his liberal buddy Steve Jobs. People would have shit bricks if George W. Bush appointed Michael Dell to some position in his administration, and yet padding the resume of a fellow Liberal well thats NO BIG DEAL to anyone. The Ol' Boys Network only applies to the Republicans I guess.

Oh well. I did my duty and voted, and I didn't even toe the "party" line. Hah! And lest you think me a fool, I am not the only one vote-protesting Apple today.