When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


How about those 3 Million Lost Jobs?

So we "lost" 3 million jobs since 2001.


That's like 1% of the US population. Slightly more actually, since our population is not quite 300 million. Maybe Bush should say 99% of the population did not lose a job (nevermind that many of that number can't work, being children or really old people or lazy teens, 20-somethings who want to play X-Box all day and look at porn on the Internet in their parent's house on their parent's cable modem using their parent's computer).

Many jobs lost were due to call centers closing due to the Do Not Call list legislation that was created. Should we apologize and give them their jobs back?

If you really want to see how great it is to work in a telemarketing firm try these two movies (one is really good and one really sucks, but has Ben Affluent who decided he would finally vote, for Howard Dean - oops).

Boiler Room (bigger budget, several "names" including Ben Affleck). This is a gritty movie that has a very shitty ending. So shitty I didn't even notice that the movie had ended. I had to ask my wife what happened to the main character (not Ben Affleck) and I still don't know what happened.

If you like your movies Independent then check out:

The Prime Gig with Vince Vaughn (The Cell w/J-Lo). This is basically the movie they tried to make in Boiler Room, but failed miserably. I am serious, its like these are the same two movies only one was written intelligently with three-dimensional, mostly flawed, characters and a gritty feel while the other was cut out with a cookie-cutter shaped like a telemarketing-con-job movie.

Who else can turn a commentary on artificial job loss-crises into a comparitive movie review?