When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."



Yeah I caved and got me a video game console aka "toy" as my wife called it. It is the X-Box. And yes I know they will probably come out with a newer, flashier model with more features than mine for the same price next year or so (or whenever).

So what? I heard the next one won't have a hard disk and may be powered by the same (or similar) processor in the G5 Macs from Apple (MS seeded very early technology previews based on Apple's G5 computer).

There are tons of mods to do to my new "toy" and I intend to take up a few of them. You just aren't L33T if your XBox doesn't have a mod chip of some sort.

Expect my post count and cash holdings to go down as I get absorbed in video game playing after a long hiatus. I had the original Intellivision console with speech synth module then the Intellivision 2 with the Atari 2600 adatptor and tons of games. My favorite game was B-17 Bomber w/Speech Synthesis. Ahh the long afternoons of "Bandit Six O-Clock!" and heavily pixelated maps of Germany slowly scrolling by the screen.

I did have an original Nintendo and a few games, then I got a Playstation several years back and never really got back into console gaming.

All that has just changed!