When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Collecting TV commercials

Yeah I am one of the weirdos who collects TV commercials. At least, I did. The web site that featured them shutdown due to massive bandwidth costs and then reopened with corporate sponsorship and paid membership requirements. Blah.

Anywho I really like commercials as they are very succinct stories to try and convey some message; buy this car or order this computer or get these pills to make your wife happy (why don't they sell pills to make your wife's breasts larger? I'd really enjoy that).

I am thinking we need to get a TiVo so I can record commercials and put them on my computer to hoard them. I like this phrase, hoard, as it conveys mal-intent or dishonest intentions especially in the context of a large computer company saving nearly $5 billion in cash — which is used to pay down debt and acquire tons of little companies not fund the cloning of Adolf Hitler or something nefarious.

Ever notice the keywords the press uses to describe something they disagree with vs. things they do agree with? Freedom fighters vs. terrorists or militants. Hoard or amassment vs. save, reserve, stockpile.

Anyway I really would like to get several currently airing commercials:

Cricket: The one with the "new faces" in the office and a woman looks over and sees a man staring at her, who happens to be wearing a bright orange jumpsuit of the kind prisoners are given. The spot concludes with the man, still staring at her, slowly licking an envelope. Goddamn that's funny!

FedEx: The one with the asian guy walking through a factory yelling in some language (Japanese?) and walks up to a guy at a desk. They talk (yell) a few times and finally the guy behind the desk says "FedEx" and the boss calmly walks away. That reminds me of a recent episode of The Sopranos. Heh heh.

Burger King: Some of the new ones are funny, the one where the female office bee licks the mayo of the face of the guy who ate her sandwhich and the third guy croaks MMAAAAAAYYOOOO is oddly funny. The ass-kisser one is kinda funny too.

Gonna have to find these somewhere...