When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Boycott Daylight Savings Time!

I am thinking of boycotting Daylight Savings Time.

When my wife asks me what time it is I now give her the *correct* time.

I am considering changing all the clocks back an hour too.

This whole mess is completely worthless. I heard claims that you have more "daylight" time. Bullshit. The time is merely shifted a bit, no one actually added more hours of daylight (that would involve slowing down the rotation of the earth).

I used to leave for work at 5 am, which in and of itself is terrible. But once we got to this point it was daybreak around that time - then WHAM! Daylight savings time throws me back into the darkness making my former journey to a job I hated totally unbearable.

I am *not* a morning person. I don't give a flying fuck about politicians telling ME what it good and proper. Excuse me, I tell you ass-fucks what I want to do.

The natural order is for the day/night times to shift, to ebb and flow. Artificial changes screw with our internal biological clocks. Is it any wonder so many people feel so bad in the morning? Time changes, crazy schedules (who really needs to be at work by 6 am anyway?) and mind-numbing commutes in the DARK are a waste of my life.

FIGHT THE POWER! Boycott Daylight Savings Time!