When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


What's the Frequency Kenneth?

What is the standard way of handling a referrer in a web browser when you cold-call a web site? Is it omitted? Is it empty? Is it supposed to return "NO REFERRER"?

I get all this "hits" and no referrer, nothing. WTF? I saw this happen on Windoze after a "security" patch was released to fill that big URL-masking 'sploit. Now I get it on Safari a LOT. I seem to recall IE used "BOOKMARKS" or some shit long ago when using local-bookmarked opening of a page.

Referrers are a critical tool for people running web sites and blogs. Why is it getting HARDER to get referrers, damnit?!

Maybe SiteMeter just sucks donkey balls. My new web host's stats are even worse — I cant tell SHIT from SHINOLA in that crap. I miss running my own server on my own computer.

I fucking hate technology, which is why I am going to be gainfully employed FIXING technology in a few weeks. At least you can hit a computer and it won't tattle on you like kids will. Damn kids.