When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


What Me Worry? AL Queda doesn't even EXiST!

Ah hah, there is no Al Queda! It's all a fabrication of the Bush Administration to force the USA into a police state. If Bush loses the coming election a new terrorist "attack" will be staged and he will declare martial law and we will *really* be screwed!

Patriot Act II is just a diversion while the real efforts to take away our rights to burn down Hummer Dealerships and hurl newspaper dispensers through windows of small business owners during WTO protests!

It doesn't matter that Bill Clinton faced Al Queda in 1993 with the first WTC bombing, the two African Embassy bombings, the USS Cole bombing and maybe even Oklahoma City via Iraq. Osama Bin Laden is a CIA operative getting his orders from Karl Rove!

This is all a construct of the eeeevil Bush Administration to profit along with Haliburton! Gas prices are now hitting all-time highs in the last year of his term as Saudi Arabia cuts back production and Congress again refuses to open up domestic oil drilling resources or push forward alternate energy source like nuclear power that are already well-developed and more efficient than covering 1/3 of the country in giant windmills - see what we mean! It's all about the oiiilllllllll!