When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Questioning Star Trek

So in all of Star Trek history has no one has ever invented shielding that blocks or lessens particle weapon discharges? Or make personal shields for Security forces?

And what about grenades? We saw hints of this in Star Trek Enterprise with the MACOs, which are apparently Marines-of-the-future (referencing West Point).

I guess this is what happens when Liberal-minded writers who abhor the military in all aspects try to write militaristic themed scripts with absurd situations (all of Battle Star Galactica), total lack of standard tactics or weapons.

Would a future soldier only have one hand weapon, no back up weapon, no restraints and no body armor? Just having a species like the Kingons in your territory would necessitate serious weapons upgrades or superior genetically-engineered security forces or military units at the very least.

And they wonder why people aren't watching these shows anymore and 24 is hugely popular?