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One more

One more test Thursday and I will be a "Professional." I already have a potential job interview for next week sometime, pending my passing this second certification test.

There is actually a lower passing grade on the software test than the hardware (which I just barely missed getting an easy A on). I never said I was perfect, but I did ace the critical portions. Plus I have past electronics experience and know how to handle ICs and PCBs and can use a multi-meter properly. CRTs are still scary, as they should be.

I am going to most likely get me a toolkit specific to working on computers plus a CRT discharge tool (aligator clips on a screwdriver doesn't appeal to me). At that point I will have spent over $1,000 on this process. I wonder if I can deduct any of it (I kept my receipts)?

I am dead-tired, screw all this blogging stuff. Blah.