When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


It's the end of the world... and we don't care...

This was a comment I left on another blog that was then picked up by yet another blog (which was taken over by a mob) and was subsequently buried under a ton of other posts so I am reposting it here:

The birth rate in Europe is dropping below sustainability, the population is rapidly aging (which will then demand retirement benefits so high it will bankrupt many countries without reforms) and the Muslim populations are exploding both from immigration and birth rates much higher than the "native" populations.

This is the penultimate expression of Liberal policies. They are rapidly eradicating themselves for the sake of diversity, protecting the environment and social services above and beyond any reason while stuffing capitalism or any other successful economic policies under the bed.

Good riddance. Muslims are easier to fight it seems. They won't have any clue how to fly Tornados or fire balistic missles at us, hell they will prolly start living inside the hangars and missile silos hanging laundry all over the equipment and have farm animals scurrying about in 10 years.

I hate this planet, can we start over? Please?

This is not the 80's Cold War Doomsday paranoia revisited. This is really happening right now. And no one seems to care, specifically those on the Left. Spain revolted and is now backtracking in the War on Terror after only 200 people lost their lives to terrorism.

I fear that this coming Presidential election will not be about the issues, face it the economy has recovered and jobs are rapidly being created and filled. The real issues are Islamofacists trying to change the world or kill those who won't and no one giving a fuck.

We played this passive-agressive role once before, in the 1930's with Germany and Japan. It lasted until December 7, 1941 when we were attacked by the Empire of Japan and we finally stepped up and started kicking ass. We ended WWII and while we had a good start on the War on Terror we are rapidly slipping backwards right at the point we should press harder than ever.

We are very close to striking major blows to Al Queda and are rebuilding our strength for Iran, North Korea and more. Libya folded without a single shot fired or loss of life in that country. We are winning, but I am afraid no one cares anymore.

And that terrifies me more than waking up to continuous coverage of a new, massive attack on US soil that may end up dwarfing Sept. 11 and even Pearl Harbor. How worried would you be about finding a job after a major US city has been nuked?