When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Don't Liberals *like* Paying Taxes?

I thought Lefties enjoyed paying their taxes, or fees levied by foreigners.

So why isn't Apple Computer, maker of the most popular MP3 players right now, paying a tax on them in France?

I thought Lefties wanted to may more in taxes? That is all John F'ing Kerry keeps telling his writhing masses of MoveOn.org fan-boys; he will roll back i.e. raise taxes on everyone that George W. Bush maliciously lowered (the BASTARD)!

Paying taxes is the American way! Err, except for the fact that we broke off from England because they decided to impose taxes on our exports and imports without representation. Boston Tea Party anyone? Isn't that were Kerry lives? He must think it was some kind of hoity-toity social event, being married to the widow of the Heinz family and all.

I seem to recall also that most times taxes are to be raised or applied to various Liberal enclaves they immediately and overwhelmingly reject the taxes. Maybe Lefties just want to impose taxes on everyone else?

Incidentally taxes are largely on income, not wealth. This is why rich Senators from Massachusetts don't mind raising them — they are already wealthy and any income they make is easily loopholed in the tax code. Isn't hypocrisy great? I'm already rich, but you teeming masses will never be so we will just tax you to pay for all your social programs we use to keep you where you are! Muahahahahahahaha!