When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Book of Crazy Word-Puzzles, Formerly known as the Bible

I hate people. I do, I hate all people. All of you. You all smell funny, and you are too loud. Like trains, trains are very loud and smell bad. I was putting gas in my eeeevil SUV when a train went by, about 40 feet away, and it blew its horn and I nearly fainted it was so loud. I have the beginning of nerve-deafness, mostly ringing and some garbled speech every now and then (thanks Dad!) and I still nearly blacked out it was such a loud noise. And there are people on the trains so I hate them doubly-so.

I heard tonight that the crazy-wacky Mayor of some shitsplat town in New York is marrying people, any people, because its the moral thing to do. Funny, I would think not killing unborn people would actually be the moral thing to do and two people who want to be married simply to get better insurance benefits is morally wrong, but it turns out I am wrong. Somewhere in the Constitution women have the right to have an abortion on demand. Only women. I demand Men get the right to demand Women have an abortion then. Soon some geek somewhere will want to marry his robot, his girl robot, because its the moral thing to do.

See? I hate people, because they always contradict themselves. Especially Liberals. I don't know how they keep their heads on they are always flip-flopping around; its okay to have wild-crazy sex anywhere, but if you get pregnant the responsible thing to do is kill it, and don't teach kids to not have sex or use birth control, but don't tell parents they are going to have an abortion, because parents must be their kid's friends, so the kids can live at home forever as soon as they get a free unlimited education and have access to any kind of job they may want for insanely high pay.

I have to give up on this planet, its all fucked up. Let's start over, okay?