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I put up a photo of my computer desk weeks ago, but it is just now becoming a theme called "blogspace" or some shit.


Here it is, again, for anyone who gives a shit.

People seem to be describing things now, too.

Left to right, top to bottom (aka clockwise) are:

1. 17" Apple Studio Display (Graphite version). Thanks to my Apple training and the internal service manual I downloaded I can now take it apart and put it back together.

2. That tube-shaped thing with a white circular end piece is my iSight video camera for chatting online and such. I haven't really used it much tho. Behind it is a photo of my two daughters.

3. Some junk on the shelf, flashlight, my war penny somewhere, a lamp. The beer mug-looking object is in fact a beer mug, filled with spare change. Prolly enough in there to buy me a 12 pack of Corona by now. The other side of the mug says BEER = GOOD. Not a very popular product I created on CafeShops, if you want one you can't buy em anymore. All they have are beer steins now.

4. iPod Dock. Tons of CDs that I am sure I need and yet never use. I have 3 or 4 CD cases somewhere, and those are all just computer CDs. My music CDs are in a box in the laundry room, the music having been ripped onto my computer.

5. Next to the Pepsi can, under some random papers, is my Handspring Visor Edge (Silver). Dumb thing kept crashing so I stopped using it. So did a lot of other people I found out. I have an iPod and it does all that I used a PDA for plus has all my music and regular computer files. PDAs suck.

6. On the tray is my mouse, a Macally iSweetNet (stupid name, mechanical version) with three buttons and such. The best mouse I ever had that also fits my right hand perfectly. Bulbous big-ended mice will never grace my generic/tradeshow mousepad ever again.

7. My computer, G4/450. Yeah its really old now. Still works. Specs are: twin HDs, 13 and 19 gig., 384 RAM, Zip drive, DVD-ROM, external CD-R/W Firewire (can't see it on top of the computer), RADEON 9000 Pro dual-headed graphics card (with an ADC connector, forward-looking), OS X 10.3.2 on one disk and OS X 10.2.8 and Mac OS 9.2.2 on the other disk. Also I got a 3 port FireWire card in there to run my CD-R/W drive since my iPod and iSight take up the built in FireWire ports.

8. Portable radio (that blue thing). I listen to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck on it if I am home. Cable nest. The big gray box is the power supply for my CD-R/W drive. I have two of these now as I sent the thing back when it burned out its FireWire/ATA interface board right after I got it (early in the FireWire adoption explosion). They sent me back my CD-R/W with another giant-cabled power supply. Gee, thanks.

9. HP Deskjet 3520 printer. Works okay I guess. My first HP printer, had a Lexmark (that always jammed the paper) that we apparently donated to my sister-in-law after she started college classes again. Before then we had a Stylewriter 2500 that didn't work in OS X anyway and so I donated that one to my dad.

10. Behind the printer is the sub-woofer of my Creature JBL speakers. All they had at CompUSA were white ones, I wanted Silver and the inventory computer said they had one Silver that we could not find anywhere. Oops. Reminded me of when I worked at Flextronics Logistics handling Palm handheld stuff. We were always short on various products because managers would take things off the shelf to give to other managers and didn't bother to record the transaction. And then if the picker was short they'd take another unit from a different location without a transaction making *another* shortage. Fun fun.

There's also a stack of CD-Rs and my Mini CD-Rs (8cm). I sell software occasionally and burn it to CD-ROM. Easy money.

11. Apple Pro keyboard (the first one with the Media keys). I spilled a Corona in it and it still works, although it repeats some keys once in a while. Don't drink and compute!

12. Under the screen is a Virgin AM/FM radio that I used before it ate all my AAA batteries. It also picks up TV audio and weather radio. Each band has 5 presets too, not bad for a little thing that eats batteries like there's no tomorrow. Next to it (the dark blue/black thing) is a padlock that goes on the back of my computer to keep people out of it. I should put it back on there. I took it off when installing OS X 10.3 and it was hanging (you are supposed to use the OEM graphics card). Turns out it was an installer option hanging and not my hardware. Gee thanks.

13. You can see the satellite speakers for the Creature setup. Good sound, a bit of distortion when really cranked or with a lot of bass.

14. There's my iPod, to the right of the monitor/speakers.

15. That's it. BTW my desk is pretty sweet, its on casters and the keyboard tray slides all the way under the glass desk. Only $80 for the thing, SRP was $150. Yay for OfficeMax's FurnitureMax special clearance sales. I forget what the brand name of it is at the moment. The only drawback is that the glass top is bowed down in the middle from the weight of the monitor (around 50 lbs.) slanting the monitor a bit. Not a big deal as far as I can tell, but a little scary thinking about it one day breaking and collapsing on my legs.

Ah, here is my desk.