When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."



My said, after looking at the photo below of my desk, "You should have cleaned it off first."

I responded: "I did."

Hahahahha, she was speechless for hours (of course she was asleep at the time)!

Also, regarding my little cable next on the lower right. In order to use my FireWire CD-R/W drive I have to unplug something since all the outlets are filled or covered by the GIGANTIC power brick for my speakers. I usually unplug the lamp since I have no idea what the other cables are for and may end up unplugging my computer or monitor.

I think modern building codes should be update to allow more outlets spaced closer together. Right next to my computer is a 27" TV and DVD Player, cable modem, ethernet switch, and next to that is my wife's computer which has its own power strip. It's fun watching the lamp dim as we turn all the stuff on at one time!