When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


What Terrorist Threat?

Feels like something is about to happen, all these cancelled flights and stepped up attacks in other countries.

Maybe Kerry and Dean could personally escort inbound flights on British Airlines and Air France? After all both claim the terrorist threat is overblown and both claim to be able to do a better job at securing American than Bush. Of course there have not been any attacks on American soil since the Anthrax mailings that occurred after Sept. 11, 2001 which most news talking heads seem to have forgotten.

And we never heard about the radiological dispersion device captured in an oceanic port of entry (which I have seen vague confirmation in a credible news outlet just a week or so ago). Bush could mention that, and maybe pull up some photos or something and tell the Dem's to fuck off. We have been stopping many more attacks than anyone has publicly known and in fact a certain Senator could very well have been briefed on thereby negating his "we are not safer" argument.

That's kind of a hard record to beat with election year rhetoric, eh? About all the challengers have at this point are "where are the Iraqi WMDs and Osama" which may actually be wrapped up in the coming months. Every other issue, except maybe the deficit has been taken off the table.