When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


This Blog is Moving

Yay I got a web server (temporary name until the domain transfers) again!

If you need a new web host go to DreamHost.com and use me as a referrer as exittoshell.com.

I got a MONSTER-sized web hosting plan with 300 email accounts — THREE-HUNDRED! Shit! And a Jabber server thing, whatever. 1.6 GB storage — GIGABYTE! Damn!

So I am goin to get MT set up on there and get a sub-domain, probably challenging.exittoshell.com, after the domain name transfers and I start to run my own blog, again. What you thought I started on Blogger? Shit, this is a refuge camp for me. I was all set up on MT last year before I lost my job, before I almost got divorced and before I moved cross-country, again.

Anyway. When the domain works this will be only a Google-cache memory.