When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


My Eeeeevil SUV

Proof that I have an SUV right here — or if you are Liberal, merely an assertion that this is 1) an SUV and 2) was my SUV on the date 2004-02-15 which could only be confirmed with a pristine full-color copy of the title and even then only with a sworn affidavit that has been notarized by Jesus himself. Or if you are an atheist then Al Franken or Michael Moore, whichever can take time off from (body) slamming people with opposing viewpoints.

The white streaks in the bottom portion of the photo is snow, which is valiantly trying to accumulate — much like the media trying to bury John F'ng Kerry's infidelities or pump up the Bush AWOL meme.