When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


My Eeeeevil SUV now with 20% More Eeeeevil

BTW the seats in my SUV (below) are LEATHER! And it gets SHITTY GAS MILEAGE! Actually it does pretty good, but with a large-ish gas tank it cost $20 to fill up last week, and it wasn't on Empty. That's $20 worth of gas that could go towards about ten fillups on that new Micromachine called the Chevy Aveo.

Actually my SUV doesn't run on gas, it runs on ground up cute-and-fuzzy bunnies. Or kittens, whichever I happen to have onhand at the time. But with Howard "Mean" Dean no longer strangling kitties I may just keep with the cute-and-fuzzy bunnies.